Wean Meister

Wean Meister is a fabulous and well respected quality brand of kids silicone dinnerware founded by Australian Mum Sarah Marriott. Wean Meister offer a wide range of functional, useful and durable baby products that are plastic free and safe for babies and all ages.

The Wean Meister range is BPA free, PVC and phthalate free as well as dishwasher and freezer safe. These high quality silicone products are also oven and microwave safe up to 240 degrees. Wean Meister make such a handy and valuable range of products for storing and serving baby food and snacks for toddlers in a variety of modern colours.

The range is very easy to use, resists scratches and marks and also resists the growth of bacteria for confidence and a long life in the kitchen. All of these features makes products such as the Wean Meister silicone baby bibs and long time favourites for many Australian families. In addition their awesome new Wean Meister Sippy Skillz cup for toddlers and scoopsy silicone divided plates are engineered with genius for every Australian family to love.