Natural Menstrual Care

Natural menstrual care becomes so obviously important as we enter the stage of our life where we consider our fertility, our reproductive health and become more familiar with it as Mothers and when raising our children.

We offer a range of high quality menstrual care products to meet the preferences of women regardless of their age or stage. Our products are chosen in following with our strict preferences for toxic chemical free personal care products across the board, which seems so especially important in the sensitive area of menstruation.

We offer not only certified organic tampons, pads and liners but also the Australian made Juju cup, a silicone menstrual cup that supports a woman's freedom and flexibility during menstruation.

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Diva Cup Diva Cup Menstrual Cups Model 1 at Little Earth Nest Eco Shop

Diva Cup

The Diva Cup is a reusable menstrual cup that is popular worldwide for offering women greater freedom during their menstrual cycle. The soft and flexible bell shaped cup is simply...
Juju Menstrual Cup Juju Menstrual Cups at Little Earth Nest Eco Shop

Juju Menstrual Cup

Having used and sold the Juju Menstrual Cup for many years now we feel well placed to make sure that awareness grows for this fantastic alternative to pads and tampons. As...
Lunette Menstrual Cup Lunette Menstrual Cups at Little Earth Nest Eco Shop

Lunette Menstrual Cup

Our Lunette menstrual cup is a great hygienic way to find freedom during menstruation while remaining safe. Lunette menstrual cups were designed and developed in Finland under extremely high standards....