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Dolls Houses

Explore one of the widest ranges of wooden doll houses in Australia. Our beautiful dolls houses are high quality with premium detail and design, from the famous Le Toy Van dolls houses to unique ones such as those from Janod and Hape. Then the modern Rock and Pebble minimalist doll house style present something entirely different. These are not just doll's houses but amazing homes for your child to engage with for hours of pretend play.

Wooden doll houses with style for Australian children

Our unique wooden doll's houses will warm your heart with their rich and beautiful paintwork and super sweet attention to detail. Wooden doll's houses in Australia and we imagine across the globe offer a world of magical imagination and fun. We know that our customers use and love their houses for many years, and that the doll's houses we sell are often kept for future generations.

We offer doll's houses and their accessories from small sized houses that are easily portable to the largest of multiple storey doll's houses that take pride of place in any room or play space.