Grapat Toys

Grapat Toys is a heartfelt Spanish wooden toy company that is a family owned and operated business just like our own. Owners Casiana and Jordi started out to build a small and meaningful toy business using sustainable timbers, and have found their wooden toys so warmly welcomed. These beautiful toys are perfect for those that value quality, tactile experiences and open-ended toys.

The range presented by the dedicated Grapat Toys team explores the possibility of a child's imagination and the endless joy of play. A child can layer their own thoughts upon a toy when it has the foundation of basic features and shape, leaving the toy totally open to reinvention each time they pick it up. A child embraces their own ability to conjure up the details, new worlds and new adventures are made each day.

We are in love with the rainbow of Grapat 'Nins' who are the little people in the Grapat Toys range, and we adore the simple beauty of the toys, that through colour and form engage and excite young and old alike. We like that the Nins have such varied skin tones, and the way that so much of the Grapat collection calls on the influence of seasonal colouring.