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Dandelion, earth-friendly goods, is a new division of Re-Think It, Inc., a family owned, family-focused company. In 1987, owners Craig & Amy Shumway had a vision to bring something truly different to the market. They’ve been developing new ideas and fresh creations ever since! The Shumway’s vision has culminated in 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of infant products and feeding items.

Parents are more concerned than ever about what babies touch and teethe, and the Dandelion brand gives you peace of mind. Dandelion offers a sophisticated look while reflecting a back-to-basics, eco-conscious style.

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Dandelion Organic Cotton Duck Squeaker Dandelion Toys at Little Earth Nest Eco Shop Geelong Online Store Australia

Dandelion Organic Cotton Duck Squeaker

$19.90 AUD
The Dandelion Organic Cotton Duck Squeaker is a sweet organic cotton baby toy, made with organic cotton and stuffed in his face and belly with eco friendly corn fibres. This...