Apple Park Organic Plush Toy - Little Earth Nest

Apple Park Organic Plush Toy

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Apple Park Organic have brought a beautiful range of organic cotton baby toys to Australia with the release of their beautiful farm buddles range of organic plush toys. Your children will delight in their happy faces and sweet characters, with long arms and legs that make it easier to grasp and carry them along.

The Apple Park Organic Plush Toys are 100% organic cotton baby toys that are stuffed with non-GMO corn fibre and made from fabrics that are dyed with low impact non toxic dyes. Of course their packaging is also 100% recycled and printed with soy inks.

Their eco and clean cred makes them a great choice that is safe for babies and genuinely eco friendly, and their cute designs make them a kind hearted friend for your sweetheart to connect with as a baby and into their toddler years.

Dimensions: 35cms (long)

Ages 0+