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Reusable Coffee Cups

Over a decade of using and selling reusable coffee cups has left us confident about which are the best eco friendly, functional options to store and transport your coffee, or to keep it warm at your desk. Of course we are thrilled to see more interest in Australia about our options and opinions and more awareness of the billions of disposable cups that are joining other waste in landfill.

Our Joco Reusable Coffee Cup has a fantastic silicone grip and is durable and light. The glass cup doesn't change taste of your coffee at all and the handy silicone lid fits much more snug to the glass than on disposable coffee cups. The whole thing can be easily washed in the dishwasher at home or work. We believe that virgin plastic reusable coffee cups are not an eco friendly or sustainable choice at all, and embrace our glass and stainless steel options that don't drain non renewable resources or leave your coffee tasting like plastic.

While the glass of the Joco cup is pretty durable and mostly would live on your desk, Klean Kanteen have always been at the forefront of reusables tech that is made for travel, producing a remarkable and high quality insulated stainless steel travel cup with a leak proof cap that keeps your beverage warm for 12 hours+ Seriously warm! This one is just the ants pants for travelling with a coffee that will also look sharp on your desk.