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we love supporting wishbone bikes and toys in australia

The clever crew at Wishbone have a high quality range of toys that are just beautiful to look at and super functional in what they offer your children. They can be personalised with colour and offer high end style like no other childrens balance bike.

why wishbone offers australia -the- quality balance bike

Wishbone provides a new way for your little one to learn to ride and suits a range of ages from 1-5. Their balance trike/bikes known as the classic 3 in 1 bike convert from a 3 wheel trike to a 2 wheel bike and then chassis can then flip to provide a taller bike too. They even offered a recycled 3 in 1 bike that is super cool; black and unisex so it can easily be passed on to other siblings.

wishbone design studio are not only about bikes

Check out the innovative products offered by this creative team including the Wishbone Flip and Wishbone Wagon. These design innovations also offer value, being used and loved by kids from 1-5 years of age.