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Replay Australia | Replay Recycled Australia

We are original stockists of Replay recycled, this fabulous brand of recycled plastic tableware for children, which includes recycled kids bowls, divided plates, the famous Replay sippy cup and tumblers as well as a range of kids spoons and forks for kids all crafted from curbside recycled plastic. This is amazing stuff and extremely popular both online and in our East Geelong store. 

We have watched Replay grow their colour range since their beginnings and it is always very exciting. The new colours in 2015 are white, kelly green and navy which bring a whole new dimension to the already fabulous recycled plastic rainbow that is Replay recycled.

why is replay recycled kids tableware amazing? 

This stuff is sturdy and durable like you haven't seen before in childrens tableware. These bowls and plates take some battering, you can throw and even stand on them and they just won't show a mark. Of course environmentally they avoid the use of virgin plastic and petrochemical use, and their sustainable company and business models are ethical to the core.

Explore their wide range and know that we have a close relationship with this company, so that if you ever have a need to expand your collection of Replay or need a question answered, please come to us. We are passionate about supporting eco-friendly products and you.