Toilet Training

Toilet training is a massive deal in family life and can be exhausting and messy. Our young family have had a variety of experiences including with elimination communication, bedwetting and with toilet training for both boys and girls.

We have brought together a range of handy products that can make life a little easier when your family are at the toilet training stage. I have found prefolds super handy as they soak up a big wee on a floor or other surface with their great absorbency and we love, love super love the Lupi Lu dual size toilet seat for kids.

You should also check out our great range of affordable wet bags in both flat and super soft minkee fabrics which can make it easier to store wet knickers and underwear when out and about. Simply pop those in the wash when home; they are so cost effective and can be used for so many things - as travel bags for toiletries is one example or to store pads and tampons is another.