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Grovia Bamboo and Organic Cotton Prefolds

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The Grovia Bamboo and Organic Cotton Prefolds are one of our favourite cloth nappy products. Grovia Bamboo prefolds are actually made from a bamboo and organic cotton blend of fabric that, hence the name - is folded again and again to produce a flat nappy that is divided into thirds by stitching. The middle section of the prefold typically has more layers than the 2 outer thirds, making it more absorbent and ideally proportioned for use in or as a nappy.

These are super absorbent and economical prefolded flat cloth nappies that have so very many uses and will be handy for you either as a nappy fold, for use as boosters, to soak up baby or toddler mess, and will be useful in your household well beyond your young children stage.

Families tell us that they love using prefolds both as the absorbent material underneath a waterproof nappy cover, and as a booster or soaker to increase the absorbency in any cloth nappy. You can certainly use prefolds under a Grovia Nappy Shell or to boost the Grovia AIO nappy also. Take a look at the diagram below which shows the two main ways that people use prefolds, and you can also check out Pip's blog post about boosting cloth nappies too. 

Grovia are a well respected modern cloth nappy business that have a comprehensive range of products across all ages and stages of cloth nappy needs for a young eco family.

Packs of 3


  • 1 - Newborn - 30 x 33cms - 2/6/2 ply
  • 2 - Infant - 35 x 40cms  - 4/8/4 ply
  • 3 - Infant Long - 38 x 47cms  - 4/8/4 ply
  • 4 - Toddler - 41 x 50cms - 4/8/4 ply

Grovia Prefold Diagram