Bobo and Boo

Bobo and Boo make beautiful bamboo kids dinnerware in bright, happy colours and classic shapes and sizes. Bamboo is fast growing and doesn't need a lot of water or pesticide in it's growth, and this offsets the impacts of the manufacturing process to create a more sustainable dinnerware option all things considered.

Bamboo dinnerware does contain a tiny portion of melamine binder; and melamine being a questionably toxic ingredient particularly under heat, we don't encourage use of this dinnerware with very hot food. We won't sell pure melamine dinnerware as this is simply another virgin plastic and we concern over it's toxicity.

That said we appreciate that Bobo and Boo is an Australian, woman owned business offering Australian families a biodegradable dinnerware option in bright, fun and modern colours. We believe that this bamboo dinnerware is a much better option than melamine itself.

Explore the full Bobo and Boo range to buy online or shop in our Geelong East Store. Bobo and Boo offer biodegradable snack and full size bowls as well as dinner sets and even divided plate options that are sturdy and strong and won't end up in landfill for thousands of years to come.

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