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We love to embrace toys that honour the traditions of 'old fashioned' toy making, wooden toys without flashing lights and overbearing noise. These toys draw on the imagination of the child and their creativity, which is actually a longer lasting toy experience than one that relies on batteries, automated noise. Make Me Iconic toys give that opportunity.

why we love the make me iconic brand

These Melbourne designed toys in the Make Me Iconic Kids range are made with care using non-toxic materials and of course are designed in compliance with Australian toy standards. We love their packaging which is cardboard that can be reused in crafting in so many ways.

heirloom toys that embrace history

We think that the Make Me Iconic wooden toy range makes for a beautiful gift that will be treasured as something unique. It's also an awesome idea for a gift for someone that lives overseas or an Australian who is far from home with their children. These iconic toys such as the wooden Melbourne tram or wooden Sydney ferry will be kept for generations ahead.