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Body Care

Body care is so important across the stages of young families. In those amazing life stages of pregnancy, the care of newborn babies and nurturing of growing children, our skin is especially vulnerable to soaking up what we put on and around it.

As a family we have chosen natural and organic personal and body care products for over 10 years, reflecting our strong value on reducing both our own toxic chemical exposures as well as the burden of toxic chemicals on our environment today and in the future. With Pip exploring products as both a qualified Midwife and experienced Mum, we choose with a great balance of practical and eco perspectives, always with our natural values front of mind.

Today we present a strictly curated range of organic and natural personal care products, may of which we have offered to our customers for over nearly a decade and can support with 100% confidence in both quality ingredients and confidence; some of which are carefully chosen new releases with great potential to support eco minded Mums, Dads and families.