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Greedy Goat Milk Soap Bar 120g

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Greedy Goat Milk Soap Bar is the ultimate goat milk soap available to eco families and is proudly Australian made. This goat milk soap is made from real goat's milk not goat milk powder, using actual rainwater together with a short list of high quality ingredients.

When the Greedy Goat Milk Soap Bar box tells you that this is the world' finest goat's milk soap you should not doubt this; a single use will be enough to convince you of this truth and the ingredients list and manufacture speak for themselves.

The Greedy Goat Soap Company use high quality olive oil, vegetable, coconut and castor oil in their production. Their products are natural and not tested on animals. They contain no parabens or sulphates. Compare this to your generic soap bar and see if you recognise many of the ingredients listed.

Treat your goat milk soap bar with care, leaving it in a dry place after use and it will last well and provide a gentle and nourishing cleanser that is particularly kind on sensitive skin. We particularly adore this as a first soap for babies and for use with children suffering from ezcema or dermatitis.

Ingredients: Pure Fresh Goats Milk, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Oil, Castor Oil, Lye and Rainwater.