Apple Green Duck

Apple Green Duck are a wonderful Australian business who have sourced a great variety of options in the reusable bag space to make our life sustainable with style.

From their printed calico shopping bags to their 100% jute fibre bags and even canvas options, with our selected Apple Green Duck eco bags we can have confidence that the reusable shopping bag will break down at the end of it's life cycle. It's so important that we aren't just adding more synthetic fibres to our planet so these natural fibre products are very important.

Of course reusable bags can be used to tote so many things, from library books to produce, books, packed lunches, toys and more. From lightweight bags to heavier options, there are many wonderful options with reusable shopping bags from Apple Green Duck.

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Apple Green Duck Gingham Tote Bag Apple Green Duck General at Little Earth Nest Eco Shop

Apple Green Duck Gingham Tote Bag

Apple Green Duck Gingham Tote Bag is a super handy reusable shopping bag in a classic basket shape that is so easy and useful. We love this cute gingham print...