Manduca Australia

We are absolutely huge fans of the Manduca baby carrier that we have used for 3 children now and we would be thrilled to share our experience to assist you.

Manduca Australia | Manduca Baby Carrier

we love manduca baby carriers in australia and across the world

The Manduca baby carrier has given so much to our family over the years and our carrier, now more than 7 years old has tried the test of time. We still have a black carrier despite the opportunity to upgrade to one of the many limited edition releases that we have offered and we just love it.

manduca is the best baby carrier in our opinion

Manduca baby carriers offer flexibility, durability, functionality and ease with baby wearing. This is Germany's best baby carrier, outperforming other baby slings and carriers for comfort and style.

You can read our initial, extremely popular blog post about the Manduca baby carrier here. Of course just email us if you have any questions or queries that we can answer them and support you.

explore their fantastic range including manduca accessories

Little Earth Nest stock the full fantastic range of organic baby carriers as well as the Manduca Fumbees, which is a product we laughed that they made after reading our minds many years ago when I would sew a similar thing myself. The Manduca suck pads are awesome and well loved by our babes, and now we have the Manduca pouch and Manduca size it each which we think are valuable additions to the Manduca range.

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