Baby Carriers

baby carriers have been our thing for around a decade

Little Earth Nest are a baby-wearing eco family from way back [first carried our little guy in 2008] and we hope to be able to support you in your baby wearing journey with the products we have chosen to be premium in terms of functionality, price and environmental commitment. Our personal preference is the Close Caboo Carrier for newborn and first months, and then the Manduca baby carrier for the years from then onward. The Manduca is also great for newborns, we just believe that a stretchy carrier feels better for little baby bodies.

why do you sell these baby carriers in Australia?

Essentially we sell baby carriers because we believe they improve the quality of life of a Mum and babe. Whether baby is your first or fourth, it gives so much to mind and body to have the support of a carrier that frees up your hands. Some women like using the carrier only for a few minutes while others carry their baby across the whole day. 

We have sold such a wide range of baby carriers over time and have cut away at this after we could simply no longer conscience selling a product that cost more and was not as functional. The products we now sell are those that after long term use by our family have proven to be reliable, genuine products and that helps us to be able to provide great support to our fellow babywearing customers. We have access to almost any carrier on the market, so if you want us to order something in for you just let us know.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about your babywearing journey or about any particular baby carrier. If we don't have the answers, which we likely may :P - we will point you in the direction of some expert support networks and connect you with other babywearing Mamas.
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