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Juju Menstrual Cup

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Having used and sold the Juju Menstrual Cup for over 5 years now we feel well placed to make sure that awareness grows for this fantastic alternative to pads and tampons. As a Midwife and Mama I was thrilled to bring the Juju cup to our range when it was released as it was the first of this kind of menstrual cup to be made in Australia.

The Juju menstrual cup is a small medical grade silicone cup that can be used in place of tampons and pads to catch menstrual flow inside your body. The cup is comfortable and reliable and reduces leaks and odours frequent with other menstrual products.

Forget frequent and multiple changes of your menstrual products, the Juju menstrual cup can be worn for up to 12 hours between changes. Many women change the cup in the shower of a morning and then again at night, and it is easy to clean and sterilise or disinfect. This is also ideal for young girls who don't want to change their menstrual products at school.

Women across Australia have embraced the cup, which is made in Australia and very easy to use. I think of the cup like a tiny silicone wine glass, when you put slight pressure with your thumb on the rim the cup folds into itself so that you can then easily insert into the vagina where it then opens to create a seal with the vaginal wall that allows it to safely and securely collect your menstrual flow. 

When the cup becomes full, it is removed, emptied, rinsed and re-inserted. Once your period is over you then simply clean and store the cup for use during your next period.

Of course in addition to all it's functional and practical benefits, the Juju cup is super environmentally friendly as you throw nothing away and saves your wallet too as it can last up to 10 years.

Available in 2 sizes; Juju cup Model 1 is suited to women who have not yet had children or are under 30 years of age, and Juju cup Model 2 is best for women who have given birth or are over 30 years of age. A user guide is included along with a satin storage pouch.

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