Natural Deodorant

Explore our tried and tested natural deodorants that provide great value, effective natural alternatives to worrying toxic chemical deodorants.

Natural deodorant paste or spray?

Whether your prefer a spray or stick style deodorant, we have brought together a trusted collection of natural deodorants without questionable additives, using aluminium-free, often organic ingredients to provide Australian families reliable protection from sweaty odours.

Our founder has used natural deodorant for over 15 years now to provide safe, reliable protection from the discomfort of odours. Today there are simply so many high quality brands producing well priced, even funky and fashionable but most importantly effective natural deodorant products. 

Our natural deodorants actually work

We only stock brands that we know are effective for most people, often organic and always aluminum free deodorant brands without concerning toxins in their ingredients list.

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