Replay 6 Piece Sets Outer Space


The Replay Outer Space collection is an intergalactic shake up feature a super fun colour collection from the equally popular Replay kids dinnerware range. The Outer Space collection consists of Amethyst, Navy, Sky Blue, Black, White and Aqua.

Choose from either a set of 6 Replay platesReplay divided platesReplay bowlsReplay utensilsReplay tumblersReplay sippy cups or straw cups and even the new large sized dinneware options. You can expect to receive 1 item in each colour of the Amethyst, Navy, Sky Blue, Black, White and Aqua for a total of 6 of the same type of item. 

Replay silicone straws are available to purchase individually.

Check out our single units of Replay recycled kids dinnerware at our Replay main page, we also have a heap of other colour collections and cool recycled plastic products available there.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kasey S.
Less spills

These cups have been great. We have less spills. We bought them for home and travel.

Nicole S.

Nice thanks

Michelle M.
Love it

Brought both plate sizes and love them. Have sides to stop sauces running off. Stacks nicely in the cupboard and nice solid plates. Kids can’t break them! Will be buying more.