Onya Reusable Bread Bag

Behold the Onya Reusable Bread Bag! this awesome new product is a credit to the Onya team who have again been the original innovators of a fantastic eco-friendly solution for the Australian market.

The Onya Bread Bag is double lined for freshness and you can pull out the lining to make cleaning that bit easier. This super reusable bread bag has a freezer proof design to resist freezer burn and is well sized to even fit your high top style bread loaves.

Hit the bakery or bake your own and then store your wares in the freezer in this BPA free and food safe recycled material made from recycled plastic drink bottles. This material can be recycled again and is a sustainable reusable option that reduces waste and looks great too with it's vintage inspired styling and modern colouring.

This bread bag is not intended to keep your bread fresh, it is best for freezer storage of bread.

Dimensions: 41 x 25.5cms with a 10cm gussett

Customer Reviews

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Didn't read discription

Just read other reviews and looks like there bags are only intended for freezer use - I have been using it to store by home made bread and it has gone stale very quickly. I will have to find what I'm after somewhere else.

Very happy

This product does exactly what it states. It does recommend to keep in the freezer which we do not do. We keep out uncut loaf in the bag in a cupboard and it keeps it nice and fresh. If you’re comparing it to traditional plastic bags you may be slightly disappointed but compared to other environmentally friendly ways to store bread this bag is great!

Bread Bag

We had been looking for a better option for keeping our bread in the freezer (we make our own bread) and this bag has worked well! Easy to use and super easy to clean.

So disappointed!

Tried to do the right thing and use these bags. Brought 2, so nearly $40 and all they do is look good. Bread goes stale very quickly.

Thanks so much Lea for your feedback. Onya only ever intended these for use to store bread in the freezer or transport it home to a bread box, these aren't intended to keep bread from going stale. I've updated the description to make this more clear.
What a waste

Looks great, but doesn't work - any bread that is put into the bag goes stale within 24 hours - I'm so disappointed