Le Toy Van Carlos Gelato - Little Earth Nest

Le Toy Van Carlos Gelato

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The most delicious dessert in pretend play world exists in the Le Toy Van Carlos Gelato wooden toy gelato set! This colourful wooden toy icecream set will brighten up any play room or toy kitchen, with it's styling and bright, fun options for making an out of this world gelato, iceccream, sorbet or frozen dessert with all the trimmings.

Le Toy Van make such beautiful wooden toys that inspire our children to really get into their imaginary play spaces, with believable designs and an exciting level of detail that make the ice-cream experience look and feel realistic.

This set includes 3 toy icecreams, 2 bottles of sweet sauces, a wooden spoon for tasting and a handy gelato stand.

Dimensions: 15.5 x 16.5 cms

Ages 3+