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Jack n Jill Silicone Baby Toothbrush

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The Jack n Jill Silicone Baby Toothbrush is a fantastic introduction to more self directed teeth brushing for new learning toddlers. 

The Jack n Jill first toothbrush is a unique toothbrush that is made from high quality medical and food grade silicone from the handle to the bristles and deep into the brush. It also includes a safety shield to prevent the child from discomfort while brushing.

This toothbrush can be sterilsed in boiling water and can also be used together with any of the Jack n Jill natural toothpaste options.

Please replace this brush every 8 weeks or sooner and discard immediately if broken, torn or damaged. This silicone toothbrush is not suitable as a teether and is not intended for chewing. Please use only under adult supervision.