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I'm Toy Wooden Activity Stacker Toy

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The I'm Toy Activity Stacker is a fantastic value toy that offers a huge array of activities with it's multi-functional learning boxes.

The wooden baby activity stacker is made up of 5 boxes each with it's own removable fabric which also makes cleaning a breeze. Each box is made from sustainable rubberwood and is of course finished with non-toxic paints and lacquers. The boxes either stack on top of each other, or nestle within each other if storage space is an issue.

The possibilities seem endless to a young baby or toddler with these boxes, which are light enough to grasp and move about even for small baby hands. The learning activities include shape sorting, lacing, a bead slider, spinning discs, doing up a belt buckle, a button, a shoe lace and zipper as well as the top box having a small mirror at the side which always puts a smile on a young face.

People describe this as a five in 1 toy but honestly the options it offers are far more extensive than that, this toy has seen so much use in our house and is still going 5 years later. As the icing on the cake it looks colourful to bring interest to your playroom or nursery decor too.

Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 11cms when boxes are nestlng in each other

Ages 18mths+

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