I'm Toy Sort and Count City

The I'm Toy Sort and Count City has to be one of the best value toys in the shop as it simply does so much and can be used in so very many different ways. The toy is based around blocks that slide onto 5 wooden pillars, however those blocks are also vehicles with wheels and beautifully painted to transform into many different uses.

This truly multi functional toy can be used for:

  • stacking
  • threading
  • counting
  • imaginative play
  • push and pull play
  • room decor

The Im Toy Sort and Count City set includes a white bus, 3 cars including a police car and ambulance, 2 larger red city buildings, 4 trees of varying colours of green and 5 signs. The vehicles are fully functioning cars with movable wheels and the blocks even have numbers on the back of them so that they can be used for innovative counting games.

Of course our eco toys from I'm Toy are made from sustainable rubber wood using non-toxic paint and are high quality wooden toys that will last the test of time in your family play spaces.

Dimensions: 20 x 5 x 22cms

Ages 1+

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
One of our favourites

For such a low price point this toy is great value, the kids just love it and play for hours. So much to do and when an adult gets involved we chat about the numbers and colours. I know so many friends with the same toy. The short lace is ideal because it doesn't get tangled up.


Colours in real life are nearly not as bright as in the photo, the quality of paint is very poor, sticks that hold up the bricks are not fixed to the base which makes it very hard for little kids to stack the bricks as they fall over. The string on the little piece of wood meant for threading is too short making it impossible to pull the toys along. I'm very unhappy with this product.

Great idea

I love the multiple ways this toy can be played with. Looks just like the photos. Vehicles especially are very cute and my son likes pushing the bus around.

The sticks are a little wobbly when put in the base which makes it hard for my 1 year old to stack the toys on. A thicker base would solve this. I was going to glue them in place but it seems putting the sticks in the holes is my sons favourite thing to do with this toy at the moment. Thread is very short, I'm going to tie an extra shoelace to it.

Overall happy with the purchase.

Great service, good product

Ordering was a breeze and the product was shipped and arrived promptly. This block set is great quality, the only thing I can fault is that the cord for lacing/pulling the vehicles along is way too short.

Awesome Product

So good for little hands. Easy to build and take apart. So many different things they can do with this.