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I'm Toy Musical Toys

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The Im Toy Musical Toys includes a choice of a wooden washboard frog, tiger with bell and monkey drum and are super cute musical toys with bright and bold colours.

Washboard frog is green with a happy smile and sweet wooden eyes, and your child can use his green lilypad to make a washboard sound by rubbing the lilypad attached to him by rope against his ridged belly. Monkey drum has a drum belly and a small mallot attached by rope to his tail, he also has sweet fabric ears. Tiger bell also has fabric ears and a happy smile on his face as his jingle jangle bells ring.

I'm Toy create a lively and eduatonal range of eco toys that are created from sustainable timbers and use non-toxic paints and finishes.


  • Washboard Frog 11.5cms
  • Bell Tiger 13.4cms
  • Monkey Drum 13cms

Ages 2+