Green Toys Tea Set 15 PC - Kids Tea Set - Little Earth Nest

Green Toys Tea Set 15 PC

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Another favourite from the awesome Green Toys range, this is a 15 piece kids play tea set that will last the test of time with it's incredibly durable recycled plastic construction. Our children have adored using this tea set both inside in their play space as well as in the shower and bath and outside in our garden.

We love that the saucers have a small indent in them, that the cup then sits into - making it more difficult for the blue cups to fall off when being carried by little learnign hands. This is an example of the high quality, thoughtful design present in every Green Toys product.

It goes without saying that the recycled plastic used to create this tea set is BPA and BPS free and non-toxic. The set includes a tea pot with lid, sugar bowl with lid, a creamer, 4 cups 4 saucers and 4 teaspoons.

Ages 2+ 

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