Goki Forklift Truck - Little Earth Nest

Goki Forklift Truck

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The Goki Forklift Truck is one of Pip's favourite eco toys in our store and it's quality must be seen to be believed. Goki Toys have created a superb wooden toy that makes a beautiful addition to any child's room but woudl also be the complete perfect gift for any child whose parent works with forklifts. 

The wooden forklift toy is a generous size and is crafted from beautifully finished timber with thick and durable rubber wheels. The Goki toy forklift also includes a removable pallet which can be hosited up with the functional forklift hoist which is activated by turning a wooden knob at the side of the play vehicle. A wooden peg driver complete with hard hat is also included.

Dimensions: 39 x 36 x 18cms

Ages 3+