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Bambooty Bamboo Velour Wipes 4 Pack

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These fantastic and high quality Bambooty bamboo velour wipes are are go to wipes for home and travel. They are the ideal size and thickness for keeping little faces, hands and bottoms clean.

The Bambooty velour wipes are made from a divinely soft bamboo and organic cotton blend, with bamboo velour on one side and a lighter fleece on the other. The way we work this is to wet 1-2 wipes and carry them in a Bambooty small wet bag in our nappy bag. We then also carry the other 2 dry wipes, and of course always have a water bottle in our bag anyway so that we can use that to wet another wipe if needed. Because the wipes do such a great job of cleaning up any messes, we have found that this is perfect for a day out without needing to use disposable wipes.

The Bambooty baby wipes are also a great investment because they can be used well after baby, as a face or body cloth for bath time, to remove make up and for so very many uses around the home.

Pack of 4