Kinderboards are go!

Kinderboards are go!

Our Kinderfeets Kinderboards have just gone completely cray cray from the time this awesome eco toy was announced and for good reason. We now have three of them in our household and I use it every day; mostly when I'm on the phone instead of pacing back and forth! Our kids just love to rock on the board but also to flip it over like a bridge in pretend play.

Children across Australia are finding the Kinderboard so helpful for their sensory needs and to provide them with a sense of balance, movement, security and fun. The Australian distributor of the Kinderboard has worked tirelessly to bring in more of the boards for the 2017 Christmas and festive trade season.

I like to walk my feet down the curve, I can't explain it and am not sure that the children can either but there is something so comforting about this balance board.

We took as much stock as we could and these are now available in store at our East Geelong eco store or at our online eco store too.



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