Uncle Goose Foreign Language Blocks


Uncle Goose Foreign Language Blocks have been added to our inventory by demand and are incredible quality. These blocks are handmade in the USA by the incredibly talented Uncle Goose team using sustainable and fast growing basswood. These gorgous blocks make for a beautiful gift and are coloured using non-toxic and child safe paints. They are extremely photogenic blocks perfect for a pop of interest in any playspace or bedroom.

Sets that contain 32 blocks include the Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Vietnamese and Hindi and are slightly higher priced due to the additional blocks and characters. Languages including Hebrew, French, German and Italian contain 28 blocks and Greek contains only 24.

These stunning wooden block sets are something so unique, timeless and beautiful. They look incredible on the shelf and are engaging for young ones and light enough for them to pick up easily. The Uncle Goose foreign language blocks are a great conversation starter for your little bilingual learner and great way to introduce other languages as well.


Each block 4.5cms square

Age 2+

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Spanish Uncle Goose blocks

This a really beautiful, high quality set of wooden blocks. The size is chunky enough to be comfortable for toddlers hands and easy to manipulate.
The blocks are so smooth, don't smell toxic (the paint is safe for kids) and the engraving is so fine and beautiful.
My son is just about to turn 2, but I am excited about the potential for the years to come, using blocks that have animals and letters in our family language, Spanish, as alphabet toys and activities we generally find in Australia do not relate to the Spanish letters.
It is also a bit pricey, but I guess a good quality, sustainable toy is worth it.