Boutique Finger Puppets


Boutique Finger Puppets don't get cuter than this wide range of adorable finger puppets; choose from pirates and dragons, knights and wizards, to fairies - a ballerina, mermaid or princess. There are even animal finger puppets such as the tiger, monkey, dog, horse and lion to choose from.

Each boutique finger puppet is intricately detailed with fabric embellishments for that extra tactile experience, and has a wooden head that is painted to give the puppet extra character. Details are often embroidered and outfits designed to be realistic and bring the character to life in a colourful and fun way.

The gorgeous finger puppets are easy to slip on fingers for both little people and most adults, and there are so many characters available that it becomes easy to come up with an interesting story and to develop the imagination and creativity of your child. Children can also have fun exploring role play and improving confidence with speech and communication. Some children love being super engaged in the fun of entertaining their family with a full on puppet play.

Dimensions: 13cms long

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Hannah W.

Intricate and very adorable! My little girl loves them.

sharman h.
Very cute

Well made, just as pictured, my 3 year old loves these

Fiona L.

purchased some of these puppets to use in my classroom next term. Looking forward to wonderful adventures with them.

Courtney B.

Cool finger puppets soon as I saw the post on Facebook about them I had to have them! My toddler hasn’t worked out how to put them on his finger yet but he likes when I read a story using them
So cute

Rafael B.
Beautiful puppets!

My niece absolutely loves them! Looking to get a few more