Wooden Rainbow Shapes Puzzle 'Fit Me In' - Little Earth Nest

Wooden Rainbow Shapes Puzzle 'Fit Me In'

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The Wooden Rainbow Shapes Puzzle 'Fit Me In' is a high quality wooden toy puzzle that is three dimensional. It is made up of a variety of geometric shapes in bold colours that will teach children about how shapes fit together and what can be made with them.

Children have a lot of fun with this clever wooden puzzle, with it's pink cylinder, blue triangular prism, green cross and orange column, that fit into the centre of another simple 2 piece puzzle. As well as these pieces a wooden storage tray is included for easy pack away and storage.

Voila Toys are designed to ignite a child's imagination and development with high quality, solid and long lasting sustainable rubberwood eco toys.

Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 4.5cms

Ages 18mths+