The Swag Produce Storage Bag Starter Pack

The Swag starter pack is an awesome set of reusable produce storage bags that will help you to keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. The Swag bags also set up an organised fridge that looks good too.

The Swag is made from a unique and innovative, natural cotton material which is non-toxic. The material works to remain breathable at the same time as enhancing hydration. The produce storage bag works it's magic with 3 layers; the first layer provides dry protection with the middle layer holding moisture, and the outer layer providing extra protection.

The Swag Reusable Produce Bag Design

Quickly make your money back in reduced food waste

Australia discards too much food waste and so much more is being wasted in this process including your money. It is such an incredible shame to think about how much energy, water and effort has gone into producing the food we leave in our fridges - we don't just have to ignore this. Invest in these quality food and produce storage bags to extend the life of your groceries and get more for the money you are spending on them. 

With the use of the produce storage bags, you can take advantage of opportunities to buy in bulk and save money and time driving to and from the supermarket multiple times a week. Keep your food fresh in the fridge instea in a natural way.

This starter pack includes 2 small, 1 long and 1 large Swag bag.

Dimensions (when closed):

  • Small 37 x 38 cm
  • Long 52 x 38 cm
  • Large 42 x 52 cm 

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