The Swag Reusable Produce Bag

Trim Colour

The Swag Reusable Produce Storage Bag is a fantastic eco product that works to extend the life of your fruit and vegetables in the fridge. Swags are made from a wonderful natural fibre that aside from the label is compostable and will break down after a long and helpful life.

Once you have purchased your produce using our Ever Eco or Onya rPET Produce Bags you simply move them into The Swag to store them in the fridge. Swag bags extend the life of your produce and start saving you money and reducing your waste from the very first use.

The Swag fabric reminds me somewhat of a prefold (for those of you who know what that is); but is actually a very smart technological fabric that uses 3 clever layers to balance moisture and protection of the fruit or veg.

The Swag Resuable Produce Storage Bag

You can easily combine fruit and vegetables or leafy greens within the one bag, or separate them out in order either by using different sized bags or colour co-ordinating to identify them. The Large Size Swag is a great size to start with if you want to just test out this product, and of course the Long Swag is perfect for produce such as leek, spring onion and celery that are a little longer than others.

Save around 6% by purchasing The Swag Produce Bag Starter Pack or add each individual bag to your cart by choosing size and preferred trim colour. If we aren't able to offer that trim colour for any reason we will contact you to discuss options.

Care for your swags well to give them a long life - turn them inside out and then was before use in a standard wash of around 30 degrees C, then dry with bag inside out preferably in full sunlight. Please do make sure that your Swags are completely dry before packing then away.

Dimensions when closed:

  • Small 37 x 38 cm
  • Long 52 x 38 cm
  • Large 42 x 52 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tania B.

They really keep the veggies fresh, totally recommend it!

Fabiana F.
Love it.

Great quality, looks just like the pics and feels how you'd expect.

Debra W.
Sensational Swag

The swag keeps my veggies fresh and crisp for so much longer. What an incredible product. I love it!

It works!

Vegetables stay fresher for longer in these bags. The lettuce and celery I've had in these bags for two weeks have not wilted.