Silicone Straw Set

Our Silicone Straw Set is a super awesome reusable straw set for anyone that loves straws as well as their environment. These are 100% food grade silicone, flexible straws that are a nice wide width too making them ideal for smoothies and they also fit really well into our Replay tumbler cups.

This set includes 5 coloured straws as well as a straw cleaning brush; we know that this first release has a plastic piece on the straw cleaner which could be avoided and we will work on that.

We love to rinse our straws, give them a quick clean with the brush and be done but these are also dishwasher safe too. The straight section is 17cms long and the full length including the bent section is 21cms.

Pack includes 5 different coloured straws + 1 specially designed cleaning brush.

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My little one loves these

Soft, smooth and wide enough to easily drink a homemade smoothie through - my 18 month old loves drinking using these

Like it

My 12 month old easily drinks from this. We’re using it with the Replay straw cup, and it is perfect. But I didn’t expect the brush cleaner was that short, I know it shows in the picture, but I guess I wasn’t aware of the comparison.
But overall, a great set and happy that I’ve got them. Thanks, Little Earth Nest.


What a gorgeous store ,straws great and easy to clean ,thank you

Ken R.
Hard to hold on to

This turned out better than I expected. The straws are really functional and easy to clean. Two of them have already disappeared with the grandkids. The extra thing was the lack of packaging. Just a small box and two paper bags. The paper bags were used to carry off half-easten Easter eggs, and a small box is always handy.

Silicone Straw

Great, quick service. Love this product. Highly recommend.