Rock and Pebble Elephant Vila House - Little Earth Nest

Rock and Pebble Elephant Vila House

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The Rock and Pebble Elephant Vila doll's house is also known as the Ele house and it's a wild adventure in subtle, high quality and minimalist design from their amazing team.

This house is just stunning and impressive with it's 2 floors and 8 rooms for a child to play in or decorate with washi tapes, stencils, paint or paper to their heart's content.

Like the other famous Rock and Pebble doll's houses before her, the main body of the Rock and Pebble Ele Villa is crafted from sustainable, untreated natural birch timbers - however with it's little addition of tusks the Ele Villa also features a slight amount of non-toxic, water based paint that meets all toy making standards for child safety.

Dimensions: 40 x 45 x 50cms