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School Days Book

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RHI Creative School Days Book is a follow on from a baby record book that is ideal for keeping track of childhood memories through precious school days. This makes for a wonderful Christmas gift for special gift for kinder, prep or foundation year new school starters. For a creative child this book would be a welcome opportunity to record their memories in the written word and through drawing and craft. For other children who might struggle with communication, it offers a great tool to draw out their feelings and thoughts without having to speak about them.

It can of course also be filled in retrospectively and given to any child to record their school day memories, and parents can help the child to complete it. The RHI Creative School Days Book cover ages 2 and 3, kindergarten, preschool and then primary school years including the first and last day of secondary school. There are also many spare pages across each year level for special memories and keepsakes such as photos to be stored and kept.

Of course the RHI Creative School Days book is printed on 100% recycled cardstock with bright and fun illustrations throughout.

We adore this concept and believe that the book will be a cherished possession as students move into adulthood. Journalling which this is of a sort, has been proven to provide good opportunity for reflection and processing that can benefit children and adults in many ways.