My Squeeze Food Pouch


The My Squeeze Food Pouch is a super popular reusable food storage pouch that is suitable for babies from 6 months of age and is also awesome for children of all ages including as a resusable food pouch for school kids.

My Squeeze is a food grade silicone food pouch which is of course BPA free, and really functional as it can stand up by itself. The free standing feature means that you can pop it on the bench and add your contents using the generous 32mm wide neck. 

As well as being easy to use these are super easy to clean and can be used in the dishwasher as well as with hot soapy water and hand washing. 

Volume: 170mls

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sofia G.
Overpriced for what it is

To be honest I don't like it. The lid is annoying as it flicks my daughter's birthday Sebastian she uses it so I ended up cutting it off.
It's quite difficult to get food into it and it fills with air after each suck. So it's not suitable for babies who can't squeeze to get the food out. It's ok but I think there are better products out there.

Great pouch

I’ve tried a few reusable food pouches, initially wanting something clear to see the contents, but found those sort of pouches to be really stiff and hard to fill. Happy with the MySqueeze pouch, soft and easy to fill. I had issue with the lid coming off first use but got in touch with mySqueeze and they explained how the lid should go in and no issues since.

Rebecca V.
Reusable squeeze pouch

I love these. I find it easy to fill and clean. Easy for my 1 year old to use!

Hard to use

Quality of materials is excellent. However, due to the thickness of the silicone, it’s almost impossible to get even close to emptying it, so a lot of yogurt goes to waste. My three-year-old struggles to half empty it, and my one-year-old can not use it independently at all, despite being able to completely empty the store bought pouches. Quality is great, functionality is a little disappointing for the price.

Amy M.

Easy to fill and clean, love them.