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Moover Toys Baby Truck

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We simply adore the Moover Baby Truck which has been a foundational toy in our store from our eary days. The superb Danish toy quality and design flair combine in the perfect ride on toy which makes for an ideal first and second birthday gift.

The Moover Baby Truck was designed specifically with a younger child  in mind. As baby's first ride on toy, this Moover truck has double rubber wheels for safety and stability. The toy is very open ended, as it can be used in pretend play, with teddy as a driver and a load in the rear trailer, or as a ride-on toy baby can steer and move slowly with. It even offers somewhat of a simple puzzle in the straightforward construction method used in assmembly which babies can learn from around 1 year of age.

Choose from traditional red with mustard yellow wheels, or natural blonde birch with the traditional red wheels.

Dimensions: 57 x 28 x 20cms

Ages 6mths+