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Mocka Balance Bikes

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Mocka Balance Bikes offer a great selection of wooden balance bike styles all within an affordable price point. Balance bikes are a fantastic way to build early confidence riding bikes, so that a child has a good experience of balance before moving to a pedal bike.

As well as learning balance children also get a sense of speed and how to control speed and mount and demount a bicycle. We have embraced the wide range of Mocka styles as they offer options from 18 months of age to 6 years. Each of their bikes has 3 seat settings which allows for easy adjustments to be made as your child grows and develops.

Use the following size guide to judge the best bike for your little one; you can measure their inner leg to gauge the most appropriate bike for their age. Mocka balance bikes are all made from sustainable birch wood so are light at around 45.kgs in weight: please note with these wooden frames they are not intended to be left outside or especially not in the wet.

Bike Suitable from Seat height range
Mini Urban 18 mths 29 - 33cm
Urban Bike 2 yrs 34 - 39cm
Missy Bike 2 yrs 35 - 39cm
Police Bike 2 ½ yrs  35 - 39cm
Rookie Bike 2 ½ yrs 37 - 40cm
Ninja Bike 2 ½- 3 yrs 37 - 44cm
All Terrain Bike 3 yrs 38 - 42cm
Moto X Bike 3 yrs 38- 42cm