Lunchbots Bento Cinco Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

The Lunchbots Bento Cinco Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes are super popular and will explode into your world with new possibliies and renewed enthusiasm for lunch making. The options are endless with it's 5 handy divided compartments and the quality is first rate.

There are 2 small and 3 big areas to fill, and if you're wondering how to get a sandwich in there it just easily cuts to fit! Sandwiches may become a thing of the past though as you explore all the possibilities with your child.

The Lunchbots Bento Cinco offer a completely stainless environment, using high quality food grade stainless steel for the body of the lunchbox, the lid and also for the fixed dividers. Please note that this means that the lunchbox is not completely leak proof; however it is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.

You can also add the Lunchbots Dips accessory pots that fit all 5 compartments of the Bento Cinco and are sold separately and check out our Bento Lunchbox Inspirations board on Pinterest to get some ideas and support with your Lunchbots Bento Cinco Lunchbox.

Volume 960mls

Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 4cms

Customer Reviews

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Couldn’t be more pleased!

I couldn’t be more pleased with my first order from Little Earth Nest. Communication was excellent - from the moment I placed the order to the (very quick) moment it arrived on my doorstep I was kept in the loop with information. I had the satisfaction of buying from a small, local(ish) business with a handwritten note included with the order, products in stock and the much-needed ability to pay in instalments. This is how it should be done. Thank you so much!
As for the lunch boxes themselves, I thought at first that maybe they were a tad on the small side (I have 10yo twin boys who I bought one each for) but after using them for a couple of weeks, I’m finding them actually just right for the amount of food they eat. The larger compartment (and there are two of these) will fit a filled roll and even though you might have to squash it down a bit, the lids fit really well and so don’t come open inside their bags, which is good! Also the lid comes right off - some photos might make it look as though the lid is hinged but it’s not. So they’re really easy to clean, fuss-free and are dishwasher proof.

Great quality

Nice and sturdy lunchbox. It’ll definitely last!! Great size for daycare or school.

Fabulous lunchbox

Our 7yr old has been using this lunchbox for a couple of years now at school & have just purchased one for our 4yr old for the start of kinder. Easy to use by little people & easy to clean for the grown ups. Really appreciated the last free packaging! Highly recommend the Lunchbots Bento Cinco lunchbox for anyone, big or little.

Time saver

I absolutely love this lunchbox, it's big enough to fit everything my 9 yo needs for lunch & fits perfectly into all our insulated lunchboxes. I wish I bought one years ago!

Lunchbots Bento Cinco Lunchbox

Love it! Great birthday present for our daughter who starts kindy this year. She has used a Yumbox for 3 years and we decided to upgrade now she is starting school.