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Klean Kanteen Reflect Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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If you are seeking a water bottle with a completely plastic free experience, look no further than the stunning Klean Kanteen Reflect stainless steel water bottle wiht a completely stainless environment. This water bottle uses stainless steel together a cap that features a small circle of sustainably harvested bamboo and food grade silicione in it's seal. The KK Reflect is a plastic free water bottle using no paint and no plastic.

Choose from either the 800ml or 532ml, both feature the generous 4.4cm top opening that Klean Kanteen are famous for. The opening isn't a gimic either, it genuinely makes it easier to fit ice in the bottle and to feel certain it is clean too. The electropolished interior requires no lining and it doesn't keep or impart flavours into your liquids.

Of course the Klean Kanteen Reflect series with it's all stainless interior is available in either brushed or mirrored stainless steel finish and you can choose between the 532ml which I find is perfect for my handbag or nappy bag or the larger 800ml option.


27oz/800ml - 240 grams

18oz/532ml - 215 grams