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Jellystone Designs Caru Necklace

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Purple/Orange Cord
Grey/Green Cord
Blue/Purple Cord
Black/Red Cord
Blueberry/White Cord

The Jellystone Designs Caru Necklace is one of my favourites as a new Mama gift or simply just for fashionable jewellery for busy Mums. Created from high quality and non-toxic silicone, the Caru is a silicone necklace with contrasting necklace cord and bead colours. The necklace is made up of 7 rather flat BPA free silicione 'beads' that are strung on brightly coloured cord that is knotted in between beads for additional safety.

I love that with the Jellystone range a Mum can be confident that the jewellery will withstand being tugged at and on by their children, and in the event that baby happens to pull on the Caru Necklace as they are jumping out of your arms, you can rest assured that the safety clasp will pop open allowing the necklace to fall away without any damage to you or to the jewellery piece.

Dimensions: 37cms long