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In My Heart Book

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A beautiful gift idea, the In My Heart Book by Jo Witek is the famous children's book that explores emotions and normalises these feelings of happiness and sadness, bravery, anger and shyness for little ones. A delightful book of feelings that schools and kindergartens are embracing across Australia.

The In My Heart book expores these feelings with language that children can relate with, giving them a voice for what they feel inside and words to describe the experience of those feelings.

"Other times, my heart feels strong. I stand up tall, as if I can touch the clouds. New people and places don't frighten me. I can do it! Watch me go! This is when my heart is brave."

The delightful imagery from illustrator Christine Roussey are also key to making the In My Heart children's book the stunning read that it is, a book that would look beautiful on any child's shelf but also be read daily for it's engaging and empowering storylines.

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