Hape Push Pal - Little Earth Nest

Hape Push Pal

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Hape Push Pal friends are some of the most popular wooden toys in our East Geelong shop; children just adore their friendly characters. Choose from the Duck, Bunny, Butterfly, Dancing Butterfly or Rainbow styles as well as the fun Lawnmower push along version.

With a light push the Hape Push Pal moves along the ground with rubber across it's wheels to prevent damage to flooring, and then depending on which character you have chosen the toy does something interesting as it is pushed along. The Lawnmower has a rainbow of moving wooden bars that make a gentle clacking sound as the child pushes it along, and the Butterfly flaps it's wings. The Dancing Butterflies lift up in the air and spin around.

Hape Toys are high quality wooden toys made from sustainable FSC certified wood that is finished with non-toxic seals and paints.

Dimensions: 57cms H

Ages 1+