Hape Geometric Dollhouse - Little Earth Nest

Hape Geometric Dollhouse

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We adore the Hape Geometrics Dollhouse; a bright and fun modern doll's house for kids that is perfect for siblings to share and to bring some colour into any play space or bedroom. The modules are shaped as a triangle room with green wall, rectangle room with red back wall and square+triangle combination room with blue back wall. The rooms can be set up in a variety of arrangements and can easily change too to suit your child's imagination.

The Hape Geometrics doll house set is great value as not only does it include the 3 wooden doll house modules but it also comes with a girl and boy doll with bendable parts as well as a main bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and media room furniture set. The parts and people and furniture are all great quality and also light and easy to manoveure.

Dimensions: 60 x 12 x 30cms

Ages 3+