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Grovia Newborn AIO 12 Pack Cloth Nappy Package

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Grab a Grovia Newborn AIO 12 Pack Cloth Nappy Package for great value when building your newborn nappy stash. These are our hands down favourite first cloth nappy and the bulk pack is a great cost effective way to get the nappies you need all at once.

The Grovia Newborn AIO Cloth Nappy is an all-in-one option which means the nappy is one piece. It includes a waterproof cover, asborbent inner fabrics made from a hemp/cotton blend and a microfleece top layer to keep your baby feeling dry. This nappy doesn't need a cover; the cover is built-in making this super easy to put on, take off and wash ready for the next use.

Grovia are known for their high quality, functional and well performing modern cloth nappy range. Their range offers a variety of nappy products including the Grovia wetbag for storing used nappies, reusable cloth wipes and a comprehensive range of modern cloth nappy choices for easy to use nappies across a variety of ages.

Visit our indiviudal purchase page to learn more about the Grovia Newborn AIO Cloth Nappy and don't forget to let us know your colour preferences in notes at checkout. If we aren't able to meet your preferences, we will get in touch and work toward a suitable mix of prints or colours from available stock.