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Grovia Newborn AIO

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The Grovia Newborn AIO cloth nappy is our favourite nappy for newborn babies and really couldn't be easier. This nappy will save you money and is as easy as disposables to use. The time you would spend buying disposables in the supermarket will be spent putting on an extra load of washing, and it's really that straightforward.

Simply put the nappy on, take it off when it is wet or dirty and then place a new clean nappy on baby. We store our used or dirty cloth nappies in a steel pedal bin which encloses any odours, and wash every 1-3 days with no soaking required.

The cloth nappy world is a little choc full of acronyms, and AIO is commonly used. This stands for All-in-One and basically means that this nappy doesn't need a cover or any extra bits added to it. Everything you need to use cloth nappies is sewn in to this trim little nappy which is not bulky and is specifically designed for the comfort of a newborn. It even has a a snap down that provides extra room for the umbilical area in the very first weeks.

The Grovia Newborn AIO nappy has a waterproof outer layer that is soft to touch, and inside the layer touching baby is made from super soft microfleece that keeps baby feeling dry. Beneath that microfleece, absorbent inner fabric made from a blend of hemp and cotton soaks up wetness and moisture. 

This nappy is definitely the ultimate easy introduction to using cloth nappies, which is a great way to save money in parenting and to reduce your environmental footprint too. You will need to pre-wash them 5-6 times before use, no need to dry them in between just keep washing to remove natural oils from the fabric. Keep in mind that you should never use a washing powder or liquid with enzymes or whiteners and brighteners or fabric softener on any cloth nappies. These are fine to tumble dry, which is great for tired new parents - but you can also line dry them for a while and just finish them in the dryer to save energy and get the same super soft result.

Grovia are a well known modern cloth nappy manufacturer that create cloth nappies with outstanding performance and offer a comprehensive range of accessories and cloth nappy product options. You will find that Grovia have a great re-sale value or can be kept for your next eco babe.

To fit newborn 2.3 -5.5kgs (or up to around 8-12 weeks of age on average)